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Not going to take the time to quote everyone so....

First, yes, I'm well aware no one owes anything to anyone around here. However, when people are going to act because this is what the majority of the hobby now dictates, shouldn't those making the rules take care to uphold their end?? I'm lucky, I only had to drive 20 odd minutes to the edge of the city to get mine "done" but what about those in the west? 10 hours is already a sizable investment in what someone on an internet forum says you ahve to do.

Second, I fully volunteer anything I can do to speed up the process. Seriously, I don't think it could be that bad to collect names and since my life is pretty stationary at the moment, I've at least got time to click a few buttons. Just saying is all....

Third, I like how the "senior" players here like to bark about age and responsibility, then when we take the first step, we are shit on and told to shut the fuck up about it.

Fourth, I have been in airsoft for 4 years now so my participation is not riding on this at all. But for others, it most surely is. How many fucking times have I seen a new play get the shit answer "get verified and view the classifieds." Real great fucking answer when it means waiting over a month or more. If they were serious about it you say? Be realistic. When you're new to anything, especially when it begins through the internet, you want to be welcomed with open arms.

Fifth, I did notice Lisa was "on vacation" and I assumed she was head of it but I thought to myself "there's no way they just have one person that's going to take off without anything being posted or even the reps being notified"....but this now actually seems to be the case. Again, if a person is needed, I gladly volunteer.

It's real simple if you are already verified to tell us to shut the fuck up and wait, but when you got yours done, it took all of 2 weeks at most I bet. We are also familiar with the internet and computers. They're pretty fast I can't imagine it taking more that 20-30 minutes a week to add what I think would be a large (like 20-30 people maybe?) list to the roster.
/end rant

Thanks Phalanx for acknowledging the issue.
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