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Or learn a new way to contribute, instead of running a million post count & upgrade you attitude
(Insert appropriate smilie)
Well, my contribution comes in the form of a suggestion. I'm pretty sure it would be fairly easy to implement an automation of the activation of accounts. It would be the initial setup that would take time, but once it's done, it's done.

Look at how certain forums have automated verification via e-mail to gain full access. This could be tweaked so that only age verifiers have access to a page where they can input the name of a user they just verified and the system would add the 'age verified' tag to that account. It would also be easy to track abuse of this should any occur, as IPs and usernames are logged. I'm not sure how the secured page would be set up, either as part of the forum, linked to age verifier's accounts, or indenpendantly, with a whole new set of usernames and passwords. The latter would probably be more secure but probably a little more difficult to set up and track though.

This would take the burden off the admins and speed up the whole process, benefitting the community. The benefits would be for people looking to buy / sell guns obviously. More verified people would mean a greater pool of used items as well as having the additional people who are looking for said items making it possibly easier and faster to sell your goods.

That's the way I see it could be done and I think it would be something worth exploring. There would be a lot less complaining overall and more satisfied users.

I might even start looking into how this could be done during my spare time, so if I find anything, I'll certainly pass that information along.
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