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haha, I'm a profit motivated small business, I deal with alot of ASrs of all stripes. I have personally met and spoken to several of the other age verifiers MODS and ADMINS, including LISA. Because I take a different approach to this "community' than the MOD/admin, I ask them why they do it?
and they keep telling me its for the community and the love of the game.
Seems it's not about rep being the problem but about once everything is done, the person(s) pushing the 'Age Verified' button isn't available.
Time for some changes IMHO.
well yes...
but it's not like it's sooo hard to type a few names in.
1 year of waiting makes it look like East-German administration - before the wall fell.
if the verifiers really hate doing that, why don't they just pass the task to someone else ?
Or learn a new way to contribute, instead of running a million post count & upgrade you attitude
(Insert appropriate smilie)

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