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I think I've been verified for maybe 1 1/2 years now and back then it was snappy. Took maybe all of 2 weeks after being submitted.

I could understand if whoever is enabling user accounts would want to wait til there are a few to do and do them in a batch, but over a month is pretty bad, you have to admit.

"This is ASC - no one here owes you anything. Learn to deal with it or GTFO."

Though it may be true that no one owes anyone anything here, that's a terrible excuse. Not exactly a great way to support your own community.

Maybe there's a way to automate the last part of the age verification process? I'd be willing to bet there's somekind of script that age verifiers could be given access to that would allow them to submit usernames to be upgraded to age verified status automatically.

It's probably about time that mods quit dodging this issue as I've only seen it come up more and more lately...

Just my 2 cents.
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