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While I can understand some folks' frustration, I think the bottom line a lot of people posting here are losing sight of is that you have no entitlements; this is a privately owned and operated forum, governed by it's own rules, and providing the community with free access to it's forums (including the classified ads).

It isn't a democracy, there are no corporate shareholders, and no one's forced to be here. None of the staff are being paid for their time here. Likewise, anyone who thinks the staff is doing a poor job should feel free not to let the door hit 'em in the ass on the way out. And this being a relatively free country, there's nothing stopping you from starting your own forum if you feel you can do better.

I'm not posting this to flame or to be an ass [any more than I usually am], but the self-righteous indignation gets tiring. I understand your enthusiasm at getting access to the classifieds, but get a grip. This isn't a fucking Red Cross food distribution site. Your life does not depend on airsoft. If it takes a few extra weeks, it takes a few extra weeks. Does that suck? Maybe. Can you do anything about it? No, not really. So get over it.

Everyone else had to wait, and you ain't that fuckin' special (not directed at anyone in particular; if the hat fits your ego...).
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