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Somethings rotten with the verification

Ok, again, not trying to be a dick but....

What is the deal with this verifying process. How many people bark "shut up until you're verified" at new comers? So they do, only to be stuck in limbo for MONTHS it seems.

WHAT IS THE HOLD UP? I got it done two weeks ago, rep sent in my info ASAP and still nothing. And posting in the rep thread seems to do nothing because the only ones who seem to be reading it are the ones like me except it seems many of them have been waiting over a MONTH!?

This is not a big community, the internet is damn fast enough and nearly all are fluent with keyboards now....why does it take so long to click here and there to simply enable someones account???? Hell, I volunteer the service right now if time constraints are the problem of whoever does this....

Sorry to rant, but I finally reach this magic number everyone has been insisting on only to be ignored. And if it's not just me, I think some vital new blood to the game is being turned away.

Can I verify with you or a rep over MSN video chat and hold up my ID for you to see?

No. In person verification only. If you can't take the time to spend a few minutes to get verified then maybe airsoft isn't for you. The classifieds are not going to disappear over night and if they did it would be because airsoft was banned. If you don't have time to be verified you don't have time to play.----

Well I have taken the time and so did my rep....

Again, sorry to sound like an ass but we aren't getting any answers....

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