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Bushmaster Varminter Front Set by Big Cobra

Ok, well not I'm fantastic at reviews so bare with me. Today I received my Bushmaster front set from Huang. Right out of the box the quality is apparent, very good bang for the buck. Thick, and well machined metal and damn heavy. The grip and outer barrel themselves could easily be used as blunt instruments, and not very many pieces, which for people like me is awesome. I played with legos enough as a kid, I don't need a kit that has 5,000 pieces to sort through! It's made by Big Cobra, not a real company Huang tells me, but a bunch of hardcore airsofters from China, which is pretty damn cool.

The kit comes with:
Outer Barrel (Will get to this in a bit)
Support rod (ala Marui M16 series)
Plastic triangle support piece
Bipod lug (Do not install unless you have a bipod ready to go on)
heat disappator(Correct me if that's not what it is)

Simple eh? not very complicated, no worrying about missing pieces. Now the bulk of install time was spent disessembling the SR-16's front end. taking off front sight, ris fasteners(not everyone will have these), taking off flashhider; well you get the idea.

The first thing you will need to do is trim a bit off the support rod, mine was just a tad too long, wasn't an issue for me cause I own a dremel set, but was still a nuissance. Now from here installation is a sinch. Take the bushmaster end, screw it on, before you put together the inner barrel, slide the plastic support triangle on (I have the triangle set roughly half way in the middle of the front grip) then replace the screws to fasten the stock outer barrel as per usual. The slip the rod through the hole in the triangle, slide of the heat disappator and tighten two little screws on bottom(the are tiny flatheaded screws, not allens so make sure you have a small screw driver set). once you have these in place place the bipod lug in. Again make sure you have a bipod to go on when you put the lug in because there is nothing really holding it in place. Screw the grip on, tightens well and once everything is assembled it hold very steady and adds a lot of nice weight to the gun. if you're packing a metal body you're gonna have a whole lot of machined metal going on.

Now the big question is about inner barrels. A PSG/1 Inner barrel will take the barrel just about to the end. Rough measurement put it at 610mm there abouts.

I will throw up some pics tomorrow. If you have any questions just ask.

Over-all I give the kit a 9/10. Not a perfect 10 because I had to alter it slightly. But if you are thinking about this piece I definitely recommend it to anyone.


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