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Thanks to all so far , Lawdog you are very well come to contact me , all depending where to stay , there are so many place to eat and to see , You are very welcome to even stay over at my place.Please PM me.

NachoPuddin: Why would I want to talk Afrikaans here , it would be rude and i think most people , would not like it. Boetie Feel free to PM me .

I would like to get Age Ver to get into the other parts of the forums. You must remember that your dollar is weaker than the USD and so cost cheaper for me from you guy's . I normal get PB goodies from a friend in Canada , via Normal air post and the cost is works out about 3rd cheaper than the USA.

BloodSport: to get to Canada is very expsensive as I have to fly to USA or UK first then fly to you guy's . I do want to come Canada sometime in the future for Salmon fishing .

mack_silent: here is the cost for a CA MP5sd in USD retail. $375 that give you and idea.

Thanks to all so far , please feel free to contact me anytime just for a chat .
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