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Originally Posted by Zeonprime View Post
Rumple, look for the thread about the CBSA not always being asses or something to that effect. was recent as in the last week or two.
To the new guys posting "you're fucked" very helpful go back to trolling and boosting your post count elsewhere.
And Rumple Greylocks is right there are all sorts of potential ramifactions for this, write something really really good when you write your letter going, no serial numbers, made from alumiminum, stress points would never allow for...etc etc.
Thanks for some positive words Zeon

I'm not going to go into why I decided to do this, the point is it's done.

All I asked were for some informative words from those who have actually been down this road. I didn't ask for any strict help on writing this or that, just what areas I should be looking at.

I especially didn't ask to be reffered to as a criminal who has commited some outstanding crime. A little blown out of perportion to suggest that the CBSA is going to bring the hammer down on an 18 year old highschool student who tried to buy a frame for a toy gun that he already owns maybe? Yeah yeah could could....but really, as someone said, these are human beings here so lets be sensible. I'm pretty sure loss is the worst I'm looking at....

The only reason I took the even bigger gamble of trying to get some useful information from fellow airsofters on ASC was because of the nature of this letter. You'd figure if they already have firearm or airsoft flagged (which obviously they do) that they would just send a seized and destroyed letter. So, my ultimate question now....

Do they send those type of letters or is mine as bad as it gets?

Oh and I did call....and was reffered to voice mail right away so that was kind of useless.

Thanks so far to those who provided some useful information so far....

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