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I've been down that road a couple a years ago just when they started really busting out the airsoft import buissiness. First of calling is pretty useless, they gonna tell you either show up where it was confiscated to discuss of the case with the officer in charge or send a letter. As stated before, if you call,be very polite, get yourself prepared to deal with people who doesnt care at at all of the outcome. They gonna give you the coordonates of the appeal servies and there the game of waiting starts. I brought my case into appeal in 2004 and to be finaly told this summer that the items were proceed to destruction. Altought I was not charges with anything, I lost all of my goods for a worth of 800$ even more. After that event, I had no problem with importing other good NOT airsoft related or crossing the border. I whish you the best of luck but prepare yourself t be dissapointed. IMO, you should let it go, lower and upper frame for airsoft are illegal, you'll never get it back. Try to see if you can send it back to the supplier but in my case they said a big NO. Again you best chances to get something in return is to try to have the item shipped back to the supplier.
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