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Originally Posted by Field_Gunner View Post
I think you guys need to read the words

"Goods described are being detained for the following reasons:


I'd call them, get the info on whats happening with the item then start to worry if its bad news, but the inportant thing here is that it has not been confiscated.
Brian already covered the 3 options of what the CSBA it waiting to slot your case into.

They believe its a prohibited device (frame/receiver for a replica gun), so it's been flagged and set aside for you to appeal and get the case opened for further examination. You get to attemp an explanation to your very own assigned case worker.

I've been down this road before, so I'd recommend calling, being polite and hoping your frame isn't a good replica of a real gun. If it's devoid of trades and tell tale signs from real steel, you might be able to worm your way to your item being released. Small chance, but good luck.
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