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Originally Posted by Mr. G36! View Post
Hell, post a draft here and we'll all help out as much as we can.
Not a good idea.. anything done by committee is certain to be a failure..

Besides... should this letter serve to incriminate him... who would want to have a hand in that?

Also.... by choosing to assist... you condone the event that created this problem...

We have trusted and effective importers and retailers for a reason... to avoid such issues... Buy already landed and in stock parts.. Pay a bit more.. but never have such issues...

If you want to chance it.. order direct.. against all advice... and this is what could happen. Why is it now a "community problem?"

Rumple Felt... you are now a poster boy for why one should buy from retailers. You gambled and lost... I feel no need to bail you out... by helping you write your appeal.

Thats all anyone needs... you accusing them of "screwing up your appeal"

You're on your own...
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