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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
So, if I lose....then I'm on the shit list?? How does that work when I am recieving stuff unopened while this is going on?

I'm going to call them up on Monday and I'm curious if I get to talk to someone live or not. Anyone know?

Oh and these other consequences?
Short list of what CAN happen;

Everything you order will be scanned or looked at physically.

Your name/id CAN be flagged at Customs (it likely will), which may make your future travel plans a lot of no fun. Could even reach being banned from crossing the border OR being searched all the time.
You CAN be accused of attempted smuggling, and that is a criminal offense.
If you are convicted, you then have a Criminal record.
If you have a criminal record, it has a huge impact on your future job prospects.

So that is what CAN happen. All that for trying to import something instead of ordering it from Canadian retailers.

To the naysayers, please note that I said it CAN happen. Not that it WILL. But I sure as hell would not try it.
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