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Originally Posted by TCSF-Bowers View Post
lol i dont take english till next semester

and thanks for the link
You do not have to take english to use a spell-check program. Those are free, or since posting is not a race you can use a word processor first.

This may sound petty, but writing correctly will make a huge difference if you want to apply anywhere, for any job. It can be, and often is, the difference between seeing your resume wind up in the trash, or getting the job you want.

So... starting to check here, in your leisure time, is good practice. It's also free practice.

This applies to everyone, by the way. Not just this guy.

It is a fact that on a written forum, writing like a child lets you be perceived as a child.

If the problem is a language barrier, just write in your own language. Someone here is bound to know it.
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