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Originally Posted by mack_silent View Post
It happened in the states (has to be one of the dumbest cases ever). Apparently a burglar broke into a family home while they were away on vacation, he went out to the garage in an attempt to steal the car, and the door leading to the house closed behind him, trapping the buglar in the garage.

He was there for several days and survived on dog food, he then had the balls to sue the family. And guess what? He actually won! What a load of BS in the law system that something like this could happen.

The way I look at it, if a burglar steps into my house without an invite, it's really up to me (owner of house) to decide what happens to them.
Thats why they have a law in some states now that if someone breaks into your house, if you feel your life is in danger, you have full rights to open fire without asking questions. It's called the "Make my day" law. If you do some research on it, a lot of websites about home defense in the US will tell you it is actually better to kill an intruder than to shoot and wound them. Harder for them to sue that way, plus the cops only get to your side of the story.

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