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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
I'm not new to what and what isn't a problem. You guys don't have to beat that in.

What I am new to is customs as this in the first time out of many that this has happened. So I'm asking for any help with them.

So phone or letter, which is best?
If you want to appeal, they will have given you the appeal date and where to send the appeal to on your seizure notice. If you write a very well thought-out letter explaining that this is for an airsoft gun and that it can't possibly be used to manufacture a real gun, then you "might" have a chance. If there is some integral parts machined into this frame which are not on the real one, or if there are weak points also not on the real one, even better.

Now, appeals can take many months, even extending into years. They cost you nothing, except postage perhaps, but they can and will delay and stall as long as they feel necessary. You may just give up before you see the end. But by all means do appeal and at least try to get your items back.
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