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Originally Posted by Kohaku View Post
hmm i wouldent know, your best bet is to talk to a recruter, they will ave all the answers you want, but you should also consider looking into the co-op program it will get you your bmq and sq granted its alot more watered down and rushed but its an option for school, most cases though it shouldent cut into school cus you do your traning over the summer.

on my basic, i had 6 others from my unit, as you can picture my unit was not happy when they finished sq and just left.
yeah i imagine the school are gonna arrange a interview for me with a bunch of different job ideas i gave them (im part of this thing called occupational preparation its a mix of academic school with real world work experiance) by summer time ill have had a interview with a halifax fire chief a recruiter and a rcmp officer because the school "wants me to be sure of my options" its funny since im to young to be a firefighter for the city or a cop yet i can do it in reserves at 16 lol
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