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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
It's a hunk of really....

It's got no serial # and they know it's for airsoft. I'm thinking of stating something along the lines of a) totally useless for a real gun b) does not have the same physical specs and is painted white (it is) as anything real and that might just be enough to dodge the 'replica' claim and c) no serial number therefore, not a controlled piece.... somewhat reasonable?

Since now I know there seems to be an actual "you're fucked" letter, maybe they really are being merciful on me?
It's as much a "hunk of aluminum" as fully automatic M4 receiver is a "hunk of steel."

It's prohibited.

You're trying to import a replica of a controlled item (the controlled item being the frame.) If it wasn't clear before, here's a re-iteration: replicas are prohibited items. This is why airsoft is so expensive in Canada.
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