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Originally Posted by TCSF-Bowers View Post
yes you are correct i will give you that just simple annoyance that whole "just get ur folks to buy it off the internet dude im 14 and i got a aeg" you cant play legally why buy it? i got a airsoft gun yes as a birthday gift last year (cant even call it a airsoft gun crosman stinger p30:P) i didnt say hey mom can u use your credit card and id and buy this off the internet cuz im underage i didnt even ask for it they just thought id like it. Now like i said before its the same as drinking thiers rules and one of them is age part of the age rule has to do with being mature not everyones mature at 18 very few are mature at 18 but alot more 18 year olds are more mature then 14 and 13 year olds i used to be just like him to till i joined this site and realized its not that easy as click and play thiers laws to it

ANYBODY who even spends two seconds on this site will notice thier seems to be a strange thing called rules woah what are those man?

now i hate lil fucks like that who think cuz mommy will buy you a toy doesent mean you can use it

now about the school jokes those arent right i admit thier very wrong to make but well deserved in this case thier was a kid i think in ontario who got shot and killed because he took his airsoft gun to school in his backpack let that be a wakeup call to the other youngins dont do stupid stuff please

now i must take a breather from all this typing

any disagreements with my statement?
Rules state that with parental supervision, someone under the age of 18 can use a gun (airsoft, soft-air, pellet gun, bb gun, etc.). Parents would be the only owner's of any guns being used, they would be stored away from easy access by the minor. As soon as the minor reaches legal age, those guns that the parents own, could technically be given to the child. Parents would be liable for anything the child does under supervision (or not under supervision) and would be charged accordingly.

However most fields have an 18+ rule, some have a 16+ with parental supervision rule.

As with drinking, children can be given alcohol at any age at the parent's discretion and under their supervision, airsoft guns can be used by minors at any age (off the fields that require a certain age to play) under strict supervision by parents. Of course at parent's discretion, maturity matters in this case, parents that deem their children to be responsible and mature enough to handle an airsoft gun under their supervision are leaving themselves out to dry if their decision is a bad one.

Obviously the problem with this is that it is usually ignored by any minors, and ignorant parents will go out and buy an airsoft gun for their child without checking the laws and regulations that apply to airguns. Kids will then play by themselves and get into trouble, get on the news, and continue to hurt this sport.

That is why it is not recommended that minors have access to these guns.

See 3rd question down:

Also see Post #6:

Also check out the side of any airgun or box.
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