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another thing abour buyin your own stuff this isnt any like harvard study just what i noticed

alot of my frnds play guitar a few of them got thier folks to buy the guitar and amp and such fro xmas they touched maybe 4 times this past year where as the other guys i know he payed for eveything with thier pay actually dedicate themselves to it the reason i think is in your mind yout hinking i payed for this im gonna use it where as if you have not payed for it it collects dust in your closet so buy your own gun GUESS WHAT ya gotta be 18 to do that so i guess were back where we started aint we

and yes that two you wanna shoot guns and dress like a soldier at 16 apply for the army if you have enough intelligence and are fit enough you can get in and get payed to do it and you get payed to do it if you dont meet those requirements join cadets lol god i cant wait till i apply for reserves this summer
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