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Originally Posted by kos View Post
Maybe cost is infact the issue. But until Systema steps up the quality of Mil/LE PTWs, they'll be second to Simunition... And I'm pretty sure their goal is to become the leading training weapons mfg.
Simunition.. first to market with a realistic FOF system... and they spent a lot of coin marketing at first... now they are defacto..the prevelant FOF simulator.. for LE and more and more for military as well...their reciever swap to in service weapons is a big bonus.. but their cost up front and feeding costs are high... I expect they are looking over their shoulder at Systema.. but they are just a dark spot on the horizon..

Systema... has a lot of ground to cover... and they need to expand their product offerings... they have done so with the M16 M4 varient proliferation...but until they have a MP5 ( due out in Feb 08 ) and a Glock pistol under their banner... they really can't stand in the same room.

Systema needs someone to adopt their system for training... to date they really can't point at a recognizable group of noteworthies that are seriously using them...The fact that the PTW is gaining traction in the "airsoft" world is not a feather in their cap... and likely is damaging their chances of having LE/MIL take them seriously than it is helping them...
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