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Originally Posted by kos View Post
Yeah, I read that part too.

See, that's what I don't understand.. Why don't they atleast make the uppers on the milspec PTWs 7071?
I would rather see the lower made of tougher stuff, in a real weapon.. its the Upper that has to deal with the pressure.. and agressively moving parts.. but in an airsoft.. that is really not a concern as all the parts are consolidated in the cylinder.., as long as the barrel body junction is solid, Besides you can fit RS uppers to a PTW

Whereas the lower receiver is where the stock fits to the body... and one of the principle stress points... It would seem to me that using real bodies both upper and lower.. and modifying to fit the Mechbox and cylinder sets into these bodies makes economic sense... I suspect however that there may be trademark and other proprietary issues.

Anyway.... here we are chatting about how to make this thing better when it is already so much better than the typical gun....
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