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Originally Posted by [Lithium] View Post
Any updates godly???

Know what would be awesome???? A door into a room, that locks you inside, and you need a key to get out.

useless, as the people can get in the room, but useful int hat they cant get out easy...
Yeah can't do this. I remember a case somewhere where someone had locks on his garage like this, with the power to the garage door cut at the box and a padlock on the door itself. Theif was locked in the garage for several days with nothing but pop/beer and chips to live on. When he got out, sued the owner for locking him up in a cruel way. Won the case on "Cruel and unusual punishment" charges, which I found ridiculous cause the owner locked up his home before going on vacation was all. But then again, someone dies on your property, you'll be responsible.

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