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"Paintball guns mistaken for real deal" - Metro newspaper headline

Some idiot decided to forget his stuff in a duffle bag on a public transit bus in North Vancouver. It appears to look like airsoft but I think for public ignorance sake they decided to label them paintball guns. They also found a replica tactical vest in the bag.

The article reads -

"Paintball guns were mitaken for real firearms on a Vancouver bus when the driver found weapons in a bag. North Vancouver RCMP responded to the driver's phone call from Phibbs Exchange only to discover, what looked like two machine guns, were paintball guns. According to the RCMP the weapons we "realistic looking". Also found in the bag was what appeared to be a bullet resistant vest with a "SWAT" labal across the back. Police later confirmed the vest was not kevlar."


PS sorry if this was a re-post but this just happened earlier this week.
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