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I'm probably one of the more open-minded individuals when it comes to trying new brands and such, being rather new myself, so please understand the importance when I'm coming right and telling you that you're making a bad choice. You don't learn about airsoft buying stuff that are so low end that they aren't worth your money.

Take the Well P90 for example, which I assume you're ordering from a Canadian source. First of all, it's not 220fps with 0.20g. According to Airsplat, it's 200fps with 0.12g, which translates to around 150 with 0.20g. You're not going to learn anything about airsoft buying it beyond that:
1. Crappy cheap guns are crappy because they are cheap
2. You could've spent that money a lot better

In the end, $200 is an unrealistic expectation of a beginner's budget. There's no fudging with such a low number. It's like spending $20 on a really old 386 running Windows 3.1, thinking that it'll somehow represent a meaningful step towards experiencing today's PC gaming world. You can either save that $200 until it becomes part of a useful sum, or you can waste it away on bad purchases so that it'll take you even longer to accumulate enough money to buy real airsoft guns.

I'm not flaming you, BTW. I'm saying all this because I care. If I didn't, I'd just laugh at you behind my keyboard.
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