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Being in the area last Saturday afternoon, I went to check the place out and after confirming I'm at the right place (no outside indication yet, can't tell if it has been changed since) the owner gave the a quick tour of the place and explained the features of the field and what was left to be done as minor work was still in progress.

Basically, there were the missing lexan casings around the lights (yes, it stands out alot when they are exposed... so immature players would definately take those out within the first period of play if he didn't cover them).

The special effects (other than those massive speakers) were not installed yet, but would make for some nice gameplay situational changes. As rooms/buildings are destroyed, an assault/progression strategy has to be adapted to fit the new field parameters... Makes for a progressively more difficult game as time goes on, and the order in which things go out could always be changed too in order to make every game different (I suppose).

The field is not enormous, but it's not bad either. As Chef/Jackals said, 15 to 20 players would probably be the maximum amount of players you could fit in there without making this absolutely crazy.

He also confirmed the reduced price for AIRSOFT players, and confirmed that the primary goal of the field would be paintball, an that our rebate would be for scheduled games where regular attendance is generally low, so don't expect Saturday afternoons or evenings to open up very often. (Since he sells absolutely NOTHING airsoft-related, all his revenue would be our walk-in fee. When paintball is played, his source of income is coming far more from the ammo than the rest. Keep in mind that this is a business and that keeping the palce open costs $$$).

Anyway, a nice place, plenty of potential. Can't wait to see how this all turns out and when the availability would be.

P.S. Thanks Tri-Balle for the tour.

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