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New JG MP5 a4 ris Metal Body

I just got my hands on the new Jg mp5 a4 ris. This thing rocks.
As soon as I got it out of the box, I was smilin hard.

It's heavier than my old marui mp5 even thought that had a large metal front to hold large batteries. Includes hicap, small battery, charger, rod, flashhider, manual, 200 bbs, scope mount

Front ris, lower and upper receiver are all metal. Front ris is so slim that the battery is held in the navy style foregrip. Sliding stock is rock solid and has 5 or 6 positions. Comes with a nifty looking scope mount that attaches to the front ris and will hold a tube or can be used for rough sighting.

Overall build quality is excellent. No rattles except the mag has the slightest movement. Better than my marui. The selector switch is the only weak point, as it tends to be with all the lower end aegs. But instead of being loose, this one is tight. Goes from safe to full well but semi is touchy. Semi is just for chrony anyway.

Haven't taken it apart yet but it sounds good. Loud. My silencer make a noticeable difference. Sounds cool.

JG says these do around 330 fps with .2s but I have fired many of these and they're actually all near 370-380fps out of the box. Chronied.
I took it to our normal range on the farm and if this isn't 380, it's damn close.
I know the range of my 408fps marui mp5 and this is hitting 10 feet less. And more accurately.

For the price, I have no idea why anyone would be buying marui and ca anymore unless there was a model jg and echo don't make.
And their lineups are growing fast.
This gun just became available in the states 2 weeks ago.
You should see what's coming next. (wink)

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