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MAG M16/M4 ARmalite Series 100rd Mid Cap 'HK engravings' mag

Let's get this review to the point, fast, and in point form.

Ordered From:
Ehobby Asia. Ordered on the night of September 6th. They shipped the product on the next day, arrived in 7 business days + 4 weekend days. So that's 11 days. USD$20 shipping and +USD$2 shipping insurance. The price for the mag itself was $35USD to begin with. So it was $57USD total. I had to ask for the shipment tracking for them to give it to me(Airmail from Hong Kong).


Engravings are VERY good looking. It's full plastic, so it doesn't feel as good as metal nor is it as durable. But I guess it works.

It's just the same dimensions as the TM low cap except a little bit longer. It kinda wobbles when it's on the gun, just like the stock TM locap, it's a thing you can just fix by wrapping a tape around but it's kinda fugly and covers the engravings.

Loading the mag:
I used the 70 round loader that came with my TM M4 to load this thing just like how I load the locap. It's kinda of hard to get the bullets in unlike the locap. The operation is not as "smooth". But it works fine.

No recorded mis feeds or double feeds really. Perfect here.

Overall impression:
Very good, will order MAG mags again =)


Does anyone know what this part of the mag is for? That circle thing.

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