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HFC Mac11

Picked up this little gem a few days ago from scooby (Thanks man!).

It fires on single and auto, and fires from an open bolt. For those who don't know, this means that the bolt is held open, and when you pull the trigger the bolt is released, pushing a BB into the chamber and then firing. The blowback during firing blows the bolt back to it's ready position. It is then ready for another trigger pull, or in the case of auto fire, another cycle.
the gun has a nice weight to it especially with the metal magazine in. It feels nice in my hand, fairly balanced. The stock is a nice touch. The rearmost portion of the stock (tubular rotating part) is a bit wobbly. I'll probably remove the stock for a game(very easy to do), as it will be a secondary, not a primary.

Parts breakdown:
Magazine - metal
Stock - metal
Lower receiver/Upper receiver/sights - plastic
Front grip attachment - metal
Outer barrel - plastic
Trigger/safety/fire selector/disassembly pin - metal
Internal parts - mostly plastic, barrel block is metal

This gun shoots fairly hard. It easily shoots through both sides of a can. It severely dents or cracks the bottom of a can. It can't touch the range of my AUG, but hey, it's not meant as a sniper, or even a rifle. It's meant for close to medium range business and that's what it does best. The rate of fire is insane. This gun can blow through a whole mag (41 rounds, I counted) in less than 3 seconds. I had a hard time timing it. You could probably safely say 2 seconds. The sound it makes it also very nice. Much more menacing than an AEG.

Which brings me to my next point. The gas can last 3+ mags, which is of course because of the extended mag size, and this is a good attribute because you won't need to gas up often. Just carry extra BB's, cause this things eats them for breakfast.

Next is the hopup. When I got this gun, what do you think I did? Of course, I immediately filled it with gas and BB's, and tried it out. The BB's sank like a rock fairly quickly out of the barrel. I was sad. I hoped there was an adjustable hopup. And there is! I played with it a bit, and couldn't get it right. The BB's were either sinking like rocks, or flying upwards. I tried heavier BB's (0.25's) on the setting that .20's flew upwards on, and it seems to work good. The gun is too powerful with hopup for .20's. For reference, I'm using propane. I've heard a lot of things, like since this gun is plastic, it will break easily on propane. However, I think the gun is fairly sturdy and has handled many full auto bursts flawlessly. Time will tell.

I plan on using this in my game coming up Saturday, and plan on having a lot of fun with it!

On to the pictures, and a video which does not do the sound justice:


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