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Originally Posted by spacemoose View Post
same here, cause then you get V&

UPS for the win.
Screw UPS. Twice. They leave "signature required" packages under my door mat. I almost stepped on the last one! The guy doesn't ring the damn door bell, I once literally saw him walk up to my door, place the package and immedietly leave.

Plus, if you ship from across the border, they rape you with as high as 50% or so brokage fees that are not mentioned in your shipping quote.

Not that CP is perfect, but my postal lady is very nice, and thus on my end, the service ends up very good. So many rifle sized packages coming to the door, haha. There was this one time that really pissed me off though, but it was when there was a replacement postal guy. He delivered a brand new .22cal airrifle to the wrong street (but correct number) in my area, signature required, and left it on some ladys door stop. Tracking said package delivered too. Lucky she found my address and told me to come by and pick it up, and thank god she didn't open the package!

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