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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
funny story kokanee. i knew about this problem for some time as im constantly selling, but when i sold an item the other day, i posted in the thread saying "sold please delete" well some over zeleous moderator infracted me for "excessivly" bumping my thread!! tell me thats not the biggest load of bs youve heard. and when i called him on it he had no real grounds for it (nore the maturity to admit he had made a mistake) and told me tough, its the rules and wasnt open to discuss it.

Have to agree with ya Swatt that is total bullshit. Not to mention the response you got from said mod when you confronted him about it. Oh well guess everyonce in awhile we are at the whims of nazi's. Kokanee has a great idea. I hate not being to modify my thread title or delete it when it's done.
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