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I have kept quite on this untill I went to see it myself.

After finally making it visit and see the inside of the place, it does look fairly promising.

However its a long way from being done. I will have to stop back again when its completly finished.

He does have a pretty good setup and the special effects will be kinda neat.

After talking with him in person, the new rate of 10$ per person per 5 hours of play is a good price and will get the attenton of ROE for a few training games.

Size wise, its fairly small by airsoft outdoor or other indoor venues close to Ottawa. However it is well setup so far and will be interesting to see how it looks when its complete. I would have to say for an airsoft venue there, 15-20 Players at the very most.

I will report back in when I have had a chance to revist late next week.
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