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I'm considering foam covers, but I have to see what the legal ramifications would be as they'd cover the instructions and limitation of liability on the back of my grenade. A beer foamy sleeve would look pretty good as it could be printed with actual grenade markings, but I'm not too happy about covering the abbreviated users manual I'm going to print on my nades.

I definitely had some loading problems. The loading procedure is not completely idiot proof. Three major stages (reload gas, bbs, set delay) make for three places to screw up. Missing either of the first two stages results in a dudnade that doesn't blast pellets. Missing the third step sets the grenade for a zero delay. Pull the pin and the grenade immediately triggers.

Running the grenades as fast as I could reload them resulted in them getting very cold which reduced the propane pressure. At least it's not really a problem that should crop up in the field. On average, I think a grenade was going off every 2.5 minutes last night because I just loaded grenades full time.
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