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Well since it seems like most of the "testers" are either jumping out of the plane or sleeping off the "debriefing" part of the night I guess I will start...

Even though I did not have chance to toss grenades last night, I did however play with them during "testing" stage few times before, I got blown up by those few times, in CQB environment those things are a definite success - I mean in a medium sized room rate of hits was, I'd say, 100% with multiple hits as a norm, so people would definitely feel being hit. I did notice that heavier BBs had more effect and in CQB there is no real need for range, but there is a need for players to feel hits. I know few people were set back by the lack of "BANG!", but in close quarters environment I think it is more favorable - no need to worry about people going deaf, even temporally. "Oh shit" factor is there - I mean I saw few people bolting out of the rooms, at the times right into the entry team's fire, with grenade tossed into the room, at the same time there were few cases of entry teams being wiped out by the grenades bouncing off the walls and coming back, so some skill is required when using them.
I had a grenade going off between my legs, I think it was one of those "cold" ones, and it did not hurt THAT much, I also think someone (Nacci?) landed on the grenade and took the full blast - didn't see him crying over it, I actually think he liked it . So yes they are safe, as safe as airsoft product can get.
Reloading cycle is simple enough and with some practice should not be a problem even for novice players. With few build in safety features it is pretty fool proof, although I think with enough effort somebody could screw something up Non pyro part is great, all you need is a propane tank with AI adapter and little bit of water (I know people will say "WTF? Water?" but wait until you try it) so there is no need for ANY additional stuff to buy, well with exception of like 100 little grenade pouches, and yes those things do fit in standard grenade pouch! I'm not sure how far I can into reloading process, so I will shut up and just say it is pretty simple.
Not sure what else to add...
Oh yeah - they look like standard DD/HEs with interchangeable outer shell covers, Carl correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember we were talking about it, so people can customize the look to their liking, this will also make it easier to ID whose grenades are whose once tossing match is over
Don't have any videos, nor pictures at this point. Maybe we should run capped tester again with someone filming actual action, no close ups of grenades or re-loadings?
That is it for now - I know there are not much details, but the product is still being developed and patented, so I don't know how far we can go with this.

On a con side - after about 10-15 reloading cycles withing very short period of time between them 'nades became a bit cold and timing got little bit messed up, but that was achieved with crowd of people tossing them non-stop with Carl as dedicated speedy reloader, during actual game that should not be a problem. Those who use GBBs, which is pretty much everybody, know how those mags get messed up if fired alot whiting short period of time, it is pretty much same thing here, so keep em warm and don't over use grenades.

Phew... that's it...

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