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Airsoft Ballistics

Hey everyone,

I just saw a video on ( of some Austrians doing a compare & contrast between a real-steel M4 and a Systema M4 training weapon. I noticed that at 20m, the spread of the shots were not that impressive from the Systema. Now the reason why i am posting this is that whenever i talk to airsofters, they claim that the range and accuracy of airsoft blows away that of paintball, yet the video i just mentioned didn't leave me with that impression, but rather that the airsoft gun was equal--maybe slightly better than a well-upped paintball marker. That being said, i wanted to compile a little bit of info on gun stats. So, try to fill it out like this:
Stock <insert gun/manufacturer here>
Range in feet: <insert here>
FPS: <insert here>
Grouping in inches : <insert here>
BB weight: <insert here>

Upgraded <insert gun/manufacturer here>
Upgrades: <insert here> (if you want to post details such as which size of TB barrel you installed, that would be helpful as well)
Range in feet: <insert here>
FPS: <insert here>
Grouping in inches: <insert here>
BB weight: <insert here>
NOTE: For all practicality of this, we will just assume that the condidtions with which you obtained your results were "normal", meaning that you didn't have to go to extreme lengths to obtain your results. An example of extreme would be shooting your AEG in a vaccum so as to not be affected by wind etc...

Also, if you want to post your gun info, but didn't test it stock, that is fine,just list the upgrades that are in your gun and its stats.

Thanks to all who post,
remember, this is just for fun, so please no flaming or stupid comments, if you dont like this thread, dont post in it

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