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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post

There are no effin lunch breaks. There are no "bomb up" periods. You hit the field, and you're out there until you're DEAD or the game is OVER. You eat when you can, sleep IF you can, and carry as much ammo as you need. Ammunition loadouts are restricted to real-world equivalents, mags are charged at 30 rounds, and you can carry as many mags as you can fit in your gear. No hicaps, no bags of ammo in the field.

You are going to WAR. You don't know where you're enemy is coming from, you don't know what tactics they'll employ, you don't know what their objectives are, and you sure as hell don't want to get gunned down.

It was the best game I've ever played.
I recently participated in a weekend long ops in Sudbury, I must admit that this was the most painfull, exhausting simulations that i ever participate in.
for a long time in all of my playing days i was never restricted to a limited ammo, but on this ops we were restricted to 300rnd and no resupply until ammo drop (we are not using airsoft we are using RAP4 METS version W/68/4500psi tanks strapped to our LBV). WE PLAYED for almost 60 hrs nonstop ! some of my teammates have to defend themselves while taking a bathroom break. We ate, slept and do our human business on the field, there was no stopage, or intermission, even our ammo and gas drop was done with radio and only if we are safe and there were times where we have to fight to secure the ammo.
THAT"S Milsim and like Morbius said it was the most painfull and exhausting game ever but it was definitely the best game that i ever played
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