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Originally Posted by Manosaurus Rex View Post
I personally cannot stand blatant disregard of not calling hits. If I can see and hear bbs hitting you, then you sure as hell can. I feel horrible every time I shoot any player above the shoulders. I make an effort to apologize either during the game or tracking the person down after and seeing if they are alright. That being said, if I see someone not calling hits, I make a conscious decision to shoot at hands, necks and heads. It's a dick thing to do, and I feel like an ass doing it, but sometimes the best way to fight fire is with fire.

This might pull a bunch of negative responses, but I welcome fresh paintball/speedball converts. I like the speedy way they operate. At most of the games that I've played at FR and even Wasaga, I find skirmish games boil down to a lot of defense vs. defense and people just find a comfortable corner and set up camp. The speedballers that I've played against are the exact opposite. They rush. They play in pacts (from what I've seen). In general, it's a different and new way to play. Obviously this style is not very milsim, but it definitely has a place in skirmish games.

Just my two sense though.
i never had problems shooting opponents in the head, hands or neck especially if they are decked out in gear, or if they are not calling hits it just cut down the BS of whether you are hit or not
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