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Originally Posted by GrieverX View Post
So you are advocating crapass customer service and bad business practice?
Wow, I certainly hope thats not how you run things with your business.
Not at all, however... If I was the only person selling something... and I could get 10 a month and I had 100 people who wanted them... I would not be too fussed if people have to wait, fact is .. you have to wait...because you can only get want you want from me.

Now... If I tell you when you order and pay, I will contact you when the item arrives and is ready to ship.. I have given you an expectation of what will happen( I know for a fact that this is exactly how A&A operates )
If you subsequently e-mail me asking if it is in yet... YOU are the one who is now going outside of our agreement and bugging me so I feel quite ok about Ignoring you until I get a moment to let you know that I will contact you when the item arrives and is ready to ship just like I told you when you purchased the item. If you subsequently contact me again asking " how bout now? is it in yet?" well now you are just wasting my time... of which I have little...Again... if I get time I will contact you and remind you of our deal..
Otherwise.. our original deal holds... you pay me.. I order what you want.. and I let you know when it comes in and I am shipping it.

It is not bad customer service to meet the obligations of a deal as established at the time of purchase.. Neither is it bad business to do exactly as you promised to do.. despite the fact that your customers feel things are taking too long.. and they need to be "petted" to make them feel better about waiting.

The one thing that sours someone to even continue in a retail by mail business is the inordinate amount of time that you waste hand holding customers who can't seem to remember what the original deal was and somehow want you to make a process that you have no control over move faster...
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