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Well, I included a short timer option that is very easy to set. It's possible to fuse my grenades for a 1.5s delay to make consistent airbursts. You can set the timing on the field (to 1.5s but not back to 3s). Airbursts don't have the problems of grass attenuation, but you HAVE to throw from a position with cover. It's very easy to suicide oneself with an airbursting grenade as the pellet range is quite far. Airburst grenades are really defensive grenades.

Airburst timing is not feasible with any other currently available airsoft grenade. Their timers are too inconsistent (+/- 3s at best!) to risk cooking off time or setting for a short average initiation time.

I designed my pins to be replacable with wire from typical coat hangers. I picked the diameter because i noticed a lot of lost pins in user testing. The music wire pins I'll supply will be more durable (hanger wire is soft), but you can still field your nades if you're waiting for spare pins in the mail. The only other part which broke in extensive testing was easily fixed with a wad of kleenex. My grenade is very robust. Even if you manage to bust it in a way that arose in user testing, you can limp it along with under a minute of improvisation.
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