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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Just to hit the topic everyone always ignores: Explication of why the e-mails are not answer?

I don't know about you guys but when i get worried after spending $600+ for something and when i e-mail the guy 2-3 month after and i get no answer... well i personally don't like that. Unless it's stated on the site that the seller might not answer in a timely manner because of X issue then i understand.

Edit: Before the trolls/flamers forum rape me, i have nothing personal against A&A or anyone, i'm just just stating something. Also this doesn't only concern A&A but also other canadian seller's/retailers that do not answer pm's or e-mails.
Again.... the remaining retailers are servicing ALL OF CANADA.. if you were running a business.. who would you answer.. they guy who wants to give you money... or the guy who has already given you money and is waiting for delivery?

Keep in mind its a sellers market.. they can sell all they bring in ... so customer service to preserve market is not a significant factor in the decision.

Great service requires significant effort... of you could make the same money without expending the effort.. what would you do?

Look at it this way... there are 2 tables with a donut on each one... you get to have one donut... one table is 300 yards away on top of a hill ... the other three steps away... they are the same donut.... will you climb the hill and cross the 300 yards... or take the three steps to get the donut?

Answering your e-mail about when you will get your gun... is like climbing the hill and walking 300 yards for the same donut you can have by walking 3 answering the e-mail from the guy who wants to order a gun...

now if there were 8 retailers... and competition for market... well then the situation is reversed... then service becomes more important.
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