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Originally Posted by jerryliang2k View Post
I put in an order for an Escort Mp5 with Mark at A&A in July. It's been almost 3 months and I've never been given an explination for the 'delay' beyond "it's not here yet".

I'm fast approaching the 3 month anniversary of this order and Mark hasn't been replying to my e-mails which basically say "tell me whats going on or give me my money back". That's right I've got the full amount down for the gun and taxes and shipping.

Has anyone else put a special order (for a gun) through Mark or any other retailer? Do they usually take months and months to come in?

I wouldn't worry too much at this point. As everyone else has said these things can take some time. Do a quick bit of research on the "issues" involved with importing and you'll quickly see these things can be time consuming.

Aside from that, I have dealt with A&A and was very pleased with his service and he was quick to reply to my emails. He has also been on vacation so maybe that's why he didn't get back to you yet.

It's coming.
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