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Originally Posted by ancorp View Post
One thing I don't get - why does the military train soldiers to sight in their sights so when you aim under the bullseye, you hit its center? That would only be effective for a certain size target. In the field, a human figure ain't similar to that in any way, and personally I think it makes sense to adjust your sights so the tip of the front sight post is in the middle of the target, exactly where you want it to hit, instead of having to consider that it would hit higher...

Perhaps there's something I don't know about this system...
Many sights only go down to 200m in elevation so you have to adjust for the shortcomings of individual rifles if engaging from the 100m mark

Chances are a soldier will forget to adjust the elevation in the heat of battle. Better to have the point of impact lower to increase the hit rate if a soldier makes a mistake.


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