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There is a difference

Between playing a Game and playing a Role in a Simulation.

A difference that is unfortunatly lost on 90% of the participants out there..

For most people... you know the ones who say " hey, its all about fun" .. what they really mean is it's all about THEIR fun.. and they could give a rats ass about your fun..

these people are playing a game... and YOU are there to make it more fun for THEM , when you get a collection of players like this.. well you got yourself a skirmish. People can have a huge amount of fun doing this.. as long as they are all playing the same game.

When you have a group of players who want to play a Role in a simulation .. they understand that they are there to make the experience fun for everyone by sticking to their role and working towards strengthening the simulation for everyone.... All it takes is one person who is playing a game to weaken the simulation and begin ruining it for everyone... but hey.. as long as THEY are having fun.. thats ok, right?
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