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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
You are going to WAR. You don't know where you're enemy is coming from, you don't know what tactics they'll employ, you don't know what their objectives are, and you sure as hell don't want to get gunned down.
To me this is one of the key features of a MILSIM that is grossly overlooked.

I don't knwo how many times an organizer has pointed to the map during the pre-game breifing and told me "They are in this area and this is their main objective...". My response has always been "Don't kill my fun, just tell me what our objectives are!".

And regarding the spawn area, it's annoying to battle for an hour against a good size force and break through to simply have them spwan right on your 6 'oclock. Spawn shoudl eb where your CP is or an FOB that you have secured with enough people to defend it.

Regarding lunch, recently we had an objective on top of a hill I knew it was about lunch time and I wanted to go 50% security so the other half could have lunch. Well people just went off and did whatever they wanted and totally ignored this simple rule. I got the impression that this was to complex of a concept for them to grasp.
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