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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
When you're hit, you walk your ass out and wait a predetermined time (like, an HOUR) and reenter with reinforcements EN MASSE, reporting to a command post to receive orders, just like the real world. Real battlefields don't have steady streams of reinforcements who walk on the field as soon as they touch the respawn point. Bringing in reinforcements is costly and time consuming. Allowing forces to deminish for a longer period of time allows for strategic territory to change hands, instead of continuously being under assault while players respawn, are healed by medics, WHATEVER, and get right back in the fight.
I admit, the biggest reason I'm turned off from airsoft is the whole medic rules/respawn. Every "milsim" game I have attended has been ruined (in my eyes) by people respawning and getting healed after less than a minute. It diminishes the value of eliminating the enemy.

There has to be a real penalty for getting shot. I think an hour is a good figure.
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