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Originally Posted by jixton View Post
Hi, I'm looking too organise a game shortly but I wonder how to make a good milsim. But I started too think about it and I must admit that I don't know the difference between a milsim and a skirmish with objective.

I realise that it's not the subject of that thread but if someone can PM me some suggestion about this I will mostly appreciate.

Thank you all.
Ok well, the way i see it, nobody know what is a real milsim compare to a skirmish with objectives. This is why it's so hard to organise an event that everyone will enjoy, cause airsoft player don't know what they really want in a game. The key in a game is comunication regardless of any objective. If you have every squad in complete communication you will have the lead.
Until somebody explain what a real milsim is all about those who set up game(and they are just few) will continue to make what you call big skirmish with objective.
I'll be back!

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