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AI Grenade Public Premier at TTAC3 Friday Sept 14.

MADMAX has just informed me that pre-preduction prototypes of Airsoft Innovations soon to be released BB Frag grenade will be showcased at TTAC3 this Friday Sept 14 at our 2nd year milestone free event.
This is the first public demonstration of this new product.

Although the production run is some time away the pre-production prototypes (100% operational and ready to be tossed ) will illustrate clearly the effectivness and simplicity of operation of AI's entry into the re-useable grenade market.

Please be advised that no close up photography of these grenades will be allowed for confidentiality reasons.

But you can see them in person... and even get to try one out.

You've heard the rumors.... now you can Check it out for yourself.. Come to TTAC3 this Friday and witness the public launch of this very important product.

( no grenades will be available for sale, these are pre-production prototypes, Production grenades will be hitting the market in the not to distant future
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