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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I teach martial arts
That's one of the things that totally killed my knees, including football and hockey.

I ued to fight in the good old days where it was a contact sport, not what I call "playing tag", that's basicly what martial competitions are liek now.

Last time I fought was in the states and I got disqualified for actually hitting the other guy. Go figure... that's when I quit.

Both of my hands are also busted big time. And I never really got into breaking either slabs nor wood.

But I had a good whiel it lasted, of course now I'm paying for it, I still get in the ring every once in a while. What I miss the most are the guys I used to train with. An intense bunch of guys that were ready to take a hit as much as dishing one out w/o giving it a second tought.

BTW, I'm turnign 38 pretty soon and the average guys I run into are atleast 15 yrs yonger than me and in perfect health. But they need to take a break every 30 minutes or so or can't hold a position w/o making a sound 'cause they are not confortable or in pain... Ya! Right! Pain...
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