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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
get to middle age having lived an active life without some accumulated damage... It is the joy incumbant in aquiring more that makes it worth doing.

What I find sad... really sad.. is people half my good health.. quiting because they "are tired"... or "my feet hurt"
And its is beyond sad when a middle age guy carrying 2.5 time the weight ( both on the body.. and in it ) as some of these young fellas.. and suffering from some chronic conditions... can still out run.. out crawl.. out do in practically every way some of the young players....

What the heck are these guys going to do when they get to middle age... Oh wait I know... sit around and talk about their " glory days" while their nurse hooks up another Catheter bag....

what a shame... 22 and half dead already
Wow, didn't have a clue about your knee problems Bri, and seeing you run around all night at the Zombie 2 game must have been some serious mental endurance. I took a bad fall while storming the the drug lab early— impaled my self on my rifle. My ribs hurt like a bitch for the rest of the night, but I put my gun down, and went crazy zombie for the rest of the night. I only noticed the pain when I was standing around, and I'm still in pain today. Hope the ribs are healed for Z3, but won't matter— it'd just be nice
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