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The moment..

That you make concessions to pain.. or to the ravages of age.. is the moment that you fall into death's grip.

Pain and the accumulated injurys of an active life will slow you down... but you can't let it stop you...

Certainly some conditions may make it impossible to do certain things... but until it gets impossible.. it is possible.

I have had no less than 7 surgeries on my Left knee... The last one resulted in a ACL replacment... and the removal of the cartilege pad between the ends of the bones... While this event certainly ended my Infantry career.. as it is impossible for me the run while loaded heavily ( the pain results in unconsciousness ) never the less it does not restrict me from an active the ACL replacment has repaired the joint such that it is stable.. but I live with daily pain.. and after serious activity... gut wrenching pain...Nothing like bone pain..... that deep immersion in dull agony.. punctuated by the sensation of someone taking an ice pick to your knee....

But the issue is chronic..and not going to get better... so it is to be endured while I continue to live my life and do the things I love to do...
Pain has a glorious way of reminding you that you are alive... and I like the reminder... as I will be dead forever.
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